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Learn How Inventors Fund their Projects EVERY TIMELearn How Inventors Fund their Projects EVERY TIMELearn How Inventors Fund their Projects EVERY TIMELearn How Inventors Fund their Projects EVERY TIME

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Funding for Inventors

Learn how to get funding for your Invention, using the Cornerstone Investor Model. We can have your project up and runing in under 100 days.

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Self-Paced Learning

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Learn all you need to know, so that your project can get you to positive cash flow in months instead of years.

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“Thank you for helping me understand my priorities”

  Simon Frayne Formula1forBusiness

“I now know I need to qualify every opportunity before I spend money on it”

Nilesh Shah - CollTech (Australia)

I love the video courses. I can replay them at my own pace…

Josh Smith - WeFillEvents (UK)

"Its great to go through other people’s questions. I have had the same problems at different times"

Neville King -  WestEx

“I can now use the knowledge on my next projects….”

Melvyn Lau - Alterni Malaysia

“We used Daniel’s process to break into the medical market in twelve months”

Dr Rajen Manicka - Holista Ltd.

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