How we coach Inventors

Daniel O'Connor B.Bus MBA.



Daniel is a Management Consultant and Business Coach with 33 years’ experience in Australian innovation. He has been a Director of HCT for five years, after the takeover by Holista in 2012. Daniel has specialised in intellectual property portfolio management and commercialisation, and has expanded to include an on-line global coaching and mentoring program, providing video-based courses, checklists and group-help for inventors and R&D teams around the World. 

Daniel is in his third year as the Australian member of the UN Task Force on Innovation and Competitiveness and works with business and government leaders around the World on transferring suitable innovation to developing Countries, where patent-holders “gift” their specific geographic rights for little or no reward. The 2018 Task Force project is a coffee-table book on “Innovation from Adversity.”

Daniel has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and an MBA (International Business). He has commenced his PhD in International Business (commercialisation modelling) and is a prolific business writer (with more than 12 articles and 2 books published World-wide). Daniel has more than 8,000 LinkedIn members following him and has more than 1,000 members in his special interest group “Kick-Starting Inventions.” with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Master the Process


Everybody you turn to for advice, wants some of your invention budget. You need help, but do you need a patent early? Do you need tooling done, a prototype, inventory, a business plan or an expensive website?

If you want to control your project and have enough money to get to a point where your project is earning you money, you need to understand the process for yourself. 

Why Daniel?


You can teach yourself everything you need to know in five years. You can study past achievements and learn what to do in 2 years, with another year to leaning how with trial and error. 

If you are genuine about making money from inventions, you need to get a mentor, who is not trying to sell you patents or prototypes and can give you his time shared with hundreds of other inventors, so it doesn't cost you too much in your early stages of development.